• Campmaid Combo Set 4 Piece, Lid Lifter/Charcoal Holder/Flip Grill/Kick Stand

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    4pc Combo (3pc Combo + Kick Stand) Description

    CampMaid 4 Piece Combo Outdoor Cooking Accessories

    Kit Includes:

    - Lid Lifter 
    - Charcoal Holder 
    - Flip Grill 
    - Kick Stand

    Shipping Dimensions

    Item Weight: 8.2 pounds.
    Billable Weight : 9 pounds.
    Dimensions: 11.25" (W) x 4.5" (H) x 11.5" (D)

    We compare the actual weight with the dimensional weight and use the higher one. Dimensional weight is figured by taking L x W x H and dividing by 166.